A Dada Chicago Manifesto
in the form of quotes

from our dada friends

by Penelope Rosemont

Dada is movement, you can’t be stationary in your attitude toward dada. —Henrietta Cartier Bresson

Dada is always exciting. Speak it. Dada it. Life is boring without it. —John Pearl Buck

Dada is a magical orange grove in a nightmare. —Roberta Lowell

Dada first, think later.—Tristana Tzara

If you want to dada, go to where it’s played and find a way to get in. Dada happens when you get in the game.  —Christine Matthews

If anybody laughs at your dada, view it as a sign of dada success. —Jimella Rogers

If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with dada. —W. C. Fields

If your dada is under control you are going too slow. —Marian Andrette

If you wish to be a dada. Do dada.  —Epicurus

Where ever you go, go with all your dada. —Confucius

Wipe the dust from your dada, see its brilliance. —Paul Garon

Whatever you are, be a good dada. —Abra Lincoln

Once you can accept dada as dada expanded into nothing that is something, wearing stripes with plaid comes easy. —Alberta Einstein

If at first you don’t succeed at dada, dada again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it.
—W. C. Fields

Do your own stunts. Don’t commandeer a dada double to do them for you. —Charlene Chaplin

Never go out to meet dada. If you just sit still, in nine cases out of ten, some bird will dada for you. —Calvina Coolidge

I’ve learned the glories of dada. Don’t take things too seriously. Celebrate dada.
—Louisa Haza

The best dada comes as a joke. Make your thinking as dada as possible —Davida Ogelsvey

You were born with dada wings. Why crawl though life.  —Patricia Rumi

Dada loves to be grabbed by the shirt and told “I’m with you, kid. Let’s dada.” —Marvin Angelou

Absolute dada is not being hindered by anything. —Tershuawa

Life attracts life, dada attracts dada.  —Elaine Levi

Don’t save your dada for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain. —Leah Durocher